Our Story

Our Founder Anna Pan discovered waste challenges living in Canada. The smells, the pests, the taking out the trash in the cold, the leaking garbage bags, all had a negative effect on her life, which caused her to look for a solution. After discovering that existing electric composters took too long, used a lot of energy, and couldn’t dry food waste, she set out to develop Nagualep, to make a low-carbon lifestyle accessible for all.

What we can provide


Local Warehouse

All our products stored in local warehouse, everything will be delivered to you as fast as possible.


Customer Service

With our professional customer service standing by, your satisfaction is always our priority.


One-stop Solution

Cinotto provides the most cutting-edge smart home solution to make your house fully smart.


Matter Comming Soon

Cinotto will be one of the first brands support Matter protocol, so everyone can enjoy the true smart life.