Frequently Asked Questions

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This garage camera supports a vast majority of garage door openers manufactured since 1993, and it is compatible to work with Security+ 2.0 technology-enabled garage door openers.

We currently support checking the status of the garage door and camera live feed with voice commands via Alexa. “Open/close” commands will be released soon. Please keep an eye on it!

No. This all-in-one wireless garage camera has a unique built-in controller compared to other brands. One mini camera can control and monitor your garage door with confidence from your smartphone wherever you might be.

It’s very easy. The camera’s mounting system can accommodate various situations like on the celing, a wall, or under the GDO. A specially designed magnetic mount, the camera can be easily installed without any fasteners. For non-metal places, use the provided metal washer combined with a double-stick tape or screw to mount the garage camera at your desired location.

The Ampoza app can provide control and viewing of one or more garage camera within the single app. Currently there is no set limit but keep in mind that viewing more cameras simultaneously requires additional network bandwidth, and causes the app to be less responsive.

At this time, One camera can only control one garage door motor. However, there are plans to enhance our product to support multiple GDO in the future.